How water keeps your skin hydrated


How does water hydrate your skin has been a common question since it is known that our skin is 64% water. Our skin is an organ and has cells that require water because they are made up of the very same content that is water.

Water is the core ingredient that causes hydration in our body. If skin is not hydrated, then it means it is short on water. It can be known by closely examining your skin because it will appear flaky, dry, rough and stiff. When your skin is not hydrated, it is less resilient and wrinkles appear quickly.

Drinking 8 glasses of water on a regular basis keeps your skin hydrated as it will flush out all the toxins from it. It does not do magical wonders; it just cleans your skin naturally and fundamentally through hydration. Water intake discharges more oxygen into the skin, keeping it healthy and glowing. Only drinking cannot help hydrate the skin absolutely and you would notice in winter that your skin is still dry even if you are observing good habits of drinking water. Water needs to be channeled on to your skin through other ways such as moisturizing that is basically hydrating your skin. How you feel smooth and fresh on your skin after applying moisturizer basically constitutes water to be doing its wonders on your skin. Also, sprinkling water on your skin suddenly makes it fresh too. I do sweat a lot while I am running since I am wearing a waist trainer that I bought a few weeks ago and hence I always bring an extra bottle of water with myself. If you however are interested on purchasing one as well head to this website that contains enough information on what to consider before buying a good one , best products on the markets available etc .

If you go about drinking water less, you will suffer in terms of your skin health. How does water hydrate your skin is important to know because water helps plumps your skin and closes your pores and wrinkles. Your skin supports an ingredient called Collagen that requires water in order to function well. Water keeps your skin hydrated and closed from any extrinsic activity of foreign particles that plunged to your pores and harm your skin.

How does water hydrate your skin to prevent acne is another factor. People usually complain about their dehydrated skins causing more acne and putting their other remedies to failure. It is known that little adaptations in your diet can bring a significant change to the oil and sebum your skin secretes, which usually build up acne. Dehydration works in the same way in order to aggravate acne on your skin because you are far from clear your skin of toxins that lay ground for acne and spots.

Now you realize that how does water hydrate your skin, drink plenty of water every day and see how it brings phenomenal changes to your skin.


Essential tips for keeping your hair strong and healthy


You must have heard from your grandmother about tips for hair caring and you should know that there are millions of them out there. Everyone seems to be telling you to do this or that in order to keep your hair strong and healthy, but it is your right to know what actually works for you. Therefore, the following tips are essentially suitable for most hair types and proven for amazing results:

Eat well: First and foremost, you need to see what you are eating. Cut on junk food, eat more healthy food and drink plenty of water. Water not only hydrates your skin, but also keeps dandruff from appearing. Include protein from whole grains, vegetables and lean meat in your diet. Protein is crucial for your hair strength.

Avoid mainstream treatment and products: They may be selling you products, but you cannot sell your hair to them. Usually, hair products have strong chemicals that may not be right for your hair. The side-affects appear in the longer run; therefore, you need to avoid keeping so many products with you. Embrace your hair as they are naturally and avoid styling up in special styles that require use of these products. You can still use hair product but not frequent. It’s one of the important tips for hair caring that mostly people neglect and suffer.

Clean and oil free scalp: You need to shower daily. Avoid shampooing less because you need to avoid sebum from getting onto your scalp. This oils your hair and makes them breakable. You need to keep your hair clean from dirt as well. Find balance in shampooing and cleaning intervals.

Suitable shampoo and conditioner: There is a new product in the market you are excited about, but have not you learned whether it could suit you or not? You may be following many tips for hair caring, but not caring about this basic one can disappoint you. Use a product for some time period, analyze the results and determine whether you should continue. Do not always fall for promising ingredients; fall for the results on your hair.

Avoid combing wet hair and using hair dryers: Wet hair are weakest. It is best if you let them dry naturally first and then style. If you are frequently drying them using hairdryer then you need to know it will damage your hair. Do not even sit under the sun for hours. Forget about hair for a while and let them dry naturally.

Regular hair masks: You are on to keeping your hair healthy; try applying deep conditioning masks on your hair. It is recommended that you at least apply it once every week or two. Use olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and warm them up a little. Apply them on your hair roots and massage gently and evenly all over. Spread the oil to your hair lengths and wrap for about 40 minutes. Wash your hair afterwards and see how good they get.

Beer: You heard it right! Beer can moisturize your hair surprisingly. Do not just drink your beer; put some of it on your wet hair. Spread the beer on your hair evenly and massage your scalp for 20 minutes maximum using your fingers. Followed by, rinse your hair and scalp with water and do not worry about the smell because it shall go. You can follow this tip once every week in order to get beautiful, shining and gentle hair. If you have cold and sinus, please do not do it then. You can follow the other tips for hair caring mentioned above because they may be enough for you.